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Alternative Resin review?


Fred do you think I should give the grey v3 cartridge a shot with the olive? I have some that on the way from ALW also have some of their flexible on the way. I think I’m the first on the forum to dive into that huh?


Have you spoke to Kevin about what settings they use for each? The site tells you what material and version to use to take that guesswork out. They have extensively tested so we don’t have to in regards to settings.

It does state Tough V1.


Oh I know they have the correct settings which are usually an older profile I already have printed with the modeling black. But from others it looks like they have had success putting the resin in a newer tank and printing. When I talked to Kevin he said he they did not experiment at all with using Formlabs tanks.


Or should I say cartridges


Enabling the wiper and heater can dramatically improve printing quality, as agitating the PDMS with oxygen prevents/lowers sticking, which increases detail.


Can this be done through the manual mode that is suggested for the Olive Green resin?


Heater and wiper? If so, no. They are not enabled during open mode. A chip or cartridge would be the only way currently to run in auto.


Correct, exactly what he told me. Have you seen the cure time list floating around? I’d say take the closest match from the latest resins and load it up. I haven’t gotten around to ordering a test batch yet.


No haven’t seen it floating around in a while I think what I’m going to do is just give it a try and only out 200 ml in it and see what happens


My guess is that the grey cartridge will work fine. My parts were a little green/under-cured with the clear cartridge.

I suggest trying it out on a small print and see how it goes.


yes sir will do once I get back home from vacation.
also did my first print with the flexible. Didn’t talk to Ken and messed it up so will need to try again lol but very interesting material for sure.


Well I have been doing some serious experiments with cartridges and apply lab works resin.


And? Working? :slight_smile:


What kind experiments, what kind results?


From what I can see apply labworks flexible prints ok with the v3 grey and so does the modeling Plus in auto mode … slight over filling of the tank but it doesn’t spill when the wiper goes


I picked up their Modeling beige. Anything with that yet?


No not yet I had some black but used it all up. Maybe ordering more soon and can test it then


Actually I guess it wouldn’t matter since I can’t find any used white V1.


I was in the same boat and decided whats the hurt by just trying it with the V3 cartridges. good results so far with their resins in v3 grey


I’ve tried the Olive Grey in Open mode and not totally happy with it for my particular use. Small parts are too rubbery even after 2 hours in the UV cabinet. Kevin suggests I use the Black. Might order some of that.
Larger pieces seem to work OK and I now have 24 1/4" scale brick chimneys running in the OG with the print to take 14 hours. Long time for me to tie up the printer so I might use those for masters to make two part silicone molds which is the way I’ve done these in the past.