Alcohol soak text reminder Form2

I can’t be the only person that’s had this problem, but if you haven’t you will when you get a little older. A few times after printing I have forgotten my print in the alcohol rinse container. By the time I remember it the next day, the part is mush. Nothing like doing a 12 hour print only to ruin it by forgetting it in the rinse.

Now it seems that my Form2 knows when I am removing the build platform when a print is completed, and the next logical step would be for me to go to the alcohol rinse station. How about having the Form2 send me a reminder text one hour after removing the print from the machine asking “Did you take your print out of the alcohol yet, dummy?”

Best it could do is display a message on the screen, it can’t text your phone or email you

The Form2 texts and emails me now to tell me that the print is finished. So why not also an hour after the print is removed from the machine?

I suggest Formlabs setup their own IFTTT Channel so that anyone can use the events from their printer to trigger an action of choice, such as a send a text message, or email someone.

What % IPA are you using. I noticed 91% is pretty harsh and can mush models like you said. Has anyone have luck using a 70% ?

I use KleanStrip denatured alcohol from Home Depot. It has a 95% percent alcohol content. I have to think that almost any kind of alcohol will turn a part to mush if you leave it overnight though. After an hour the part is fine still, but not overnight.

What I do is use the Timer/Clock on my iPhone or an Android device. Every time I start a new soak (or anything else, I just enable the timer. I use it for cooking too, and to remind me to take medications, etc. Works great as a reminder!

Thanks, Peter. I do that too. I just don’t always remember to do it.

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