Advice on how to make a mold

Hi There,

New to this and have been experimenting with 3d printing parts for my car.

I have a rough design that I have made just want some advice on the best way to make a mould so I can reproduce the part?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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What material do you want that tube to be made from? Then how do you want it to be made?
if carbon, you print two negative halves, lay them up and bond them. You could print the whole thing as a positive in ABS or a different dissolvable material, wrap it in the fabric, then dissolve away the form.
If vacuum forming, you print two positive halves and form over each, then bond together.
If blow molding, you print the form and see if you can get it to run the length.
If roto molding, you machine the negative halves, leave an opening for material to be added.
K&N uses blow molding for their intakes.

PS: Ive used duct elbows because I couldnt get parts in time for a weekend race. Used for intakes and cooling ducts to the brakes.
3in 75mm 90 Deg. Round Adjustable Elbow - Home Depot