A newbie question

Why other SLA, DLP or LCD printer other than formulas’ need to adjust many more settings in their printing software than preform such as exposure time of each layer, cool down time, motor speed, rise height etc? It makes the printing process so complicated and the success rate will be much more lower. Any expert can answer my question?

Other software such Uniz’s 3D printing software does not have minima detection function, it makes printing more complicated too, what you guys think?

This is the reason why we bough a Form2 and not another desktop printer.

Being the provider of the software, the machine and the resin as well as all the other accessories, allows Formlabs to delivers a complete solution thus they do not need to provide all the other adjustments that other companies must provide in order for you to be able to make it work.

Now, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good idea for Formlabs to give use access to all the features of the machine like they did with the Form1, so that we could use 3rd party resins to their full potential… a good idea for us of course, not so much for Formlabs from a commercial standpoint.

If I have to buy a printer for personal use, I’d certainly not buy a Form2 as my ability to tinker with the machine would be too limited. In a professional setting where we just want a hassle-free, easy to use SLA printer it’s another story.