DLP machine and or/ DLP mode along side SLA

I think formlabs should consider creating a smaller less technical, more affordable DLP printer to introduce more people to 3d printing w/out scaring them off with a big price tag or at times heavy technicals… I have a DLP printer and to be honest, the form is a great machine but I am not an engineer and have no pro uses for it. The DLP machine is far easier to print with, more forgiving with supports and easier to clean up. For this reason, I think formlabs should think of bringing a DLP machine to market.


possibly adding in a DLP mode and a side stock of resins, where the profiles would be able to use faster curing resins, with a little less quality. This mode could also be used a backup to where people would just like to make something simple and doesnt need to be all that detailed… and the regular mode could be used for more detailed pieces higher accuracy and quality.

I know the two use different sources of light but offering a feature similiar to this that offers faster print speeds , and still maintains a level of quality without having to learn everything about supports , hallowing etc. My DLP machine is able to print solid objects with no problem where as the form can not. And my DLP was a fraction of the price. DLP prints could be limited in build size, this would introduce people gently into 3d printing, where as they could learn and get used to 3d printing by using the easier DLP mode, then when comfortable move into more complicated SLA… I know I refer top it as DLP but I basically mean faster less support accurate prints, Most of the machines out have poor customer support come from overseas, etc… A USA company supporting this sort of printer with the formlabs reputation I think would be a low risk high reward move.

I feel this could be be accomplished by simply creating only a handful of colors and profiles for them, if it is well recieved it could be built on.

This could also produce a second revenue stream if well recieved. It would be a 2 in 1 easily able to switch between the two modes.

The difference between SLA and DLP is sort of like apple vs android but what if you could satisfy both with just a firmware update and a test run of a few resins

The only advantage with DLP is the faster print times, there’s nothing about it that would affect the ease of printing or the support system.
With laser printing you get no stepping on the X/Y axis and you can print larger objects without sacrificing quality.