A few drops of resin were spilled on the Glass Optical Window

Good morning? Form 2 users.
A few drops of resin were spilled on the Glass Optical Window.
Ipa99% A small amount of alcohol was wiped off and wiped with a dry pae-pad.

But the stripes do not disappear.

I’m printing now and I have not been able to take the picture.

Glass Optical Window How do I exchange for a new one?

A system that users can easily exchange Glass Optical Window seems to be good.

Form 2 is a printer that is more sensitive than the fdm printer and must be thoroughly managed.

I’m trying to be mentally unstressed.

  • I would like to replace the Glass Optical Window with a new one. Buy new

I want to exchange clean Glass Optical Window.

  • The surface of the print is dirty due to the non-erasable striped face of the Glass Optical Window.

  • And the orange has started to crack from the edge of the covering is much progressed.

Even though the person in charge said that they would send a new cover,

It is not said, and it is said that it keeps waiting.

Open up a support ticket and our team can secure you a replacement.


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