A bit of resin alchemy


By chance has anyone here tried Tuff or Blough with V2 Black resin and V1 Tough resin? I have some of the latter kicking around that I want to get rid of, and am looking for a consistency between the two (not as brittle at Black, but stiffer than Tough V1). Any suggestions on which setting to use for it on my Form 2?

e.g. 80% Black V2, 20% Tough V1, print as Black V2?


@mdrm – Noticed from your cartridge picture that you’re using Black v2 and Tough v2. Have you gotten a chance to test Tough v3? If so, how does Blough compare? Thanks.

(or was that just an old picture?)


Hi there, is there anybody out there in Australia who can tell me where to get this yellow magic in OZ?


What was the result of the Tufflex-50 batch? Did it suffer from the safe issues of stiffness a few days on?


It got more and more brittle as it ‘dried’ out.


Hi Christopher,

Have you tried the “Durable” resin ?


Hi Oliver,

No, I have not had a chance yet. I would like to check it out though. Have you?


Hi Christopher,

Well I have just plugged in my second cartridge, and it has become my favorite resin for my applications.
I find that the flexibility give the parts a great tolerance to impact and stress.
I torture-tested the rafts : thy will just flex and never break or crack. It seems that I can always bring force them back to their initial shape, even after a large deformation.