$6350 - Form 3B printer set-Printer, Wash, UV cure, Materials, Build plates

$6350 for like new Formlabs Form 3B printer (only 15 total prints and rollover warranty), UV cure station and Wash station, build plates, and materials.

Link to images:

No issues with items, just moving offices and cannot bring with us. Attached is printer history, we printed a few times before realizing we needed to register the dashboard to our computer, hence why the dashboard says 7 prints but we are saying 15.

All material cartridges are full and all resin tanks are paired to a material.

3x build plates also included. Some wear but still usable.

Open to shipping, we still have the original box. Currently located in New Orleans.

I am interested. Question would be am i able to print other than dental work with this unit?

Hi Titon,

Thank you for your interest.

The Form 3B is able to handle all materials that the Form 3 can handle in addition to the medical materials. The 3B is not limited to only use of medical materials.

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