4-Mation, the modular 3D-Zoetrope - second animation, and Make youtube feature

Hi All,

Back from Denver Maker Faire which was great. We took an improved version of the fish animation - see here

and we have just been featured on Make’s youtube channel

4-Mation is a modular 3D Zoetrope - download our ready to print animations (we’ll be creating a lot more), or create your own, or use lego mini figures.

The plan is to run a Kickstarter campaign early 2018, it’s early days yet, more polished videos and social media presence to come, but you can sign up for a kickstarter launch notification at www.4-mation.co.uk also you can stay up to date on our facebook.com/4dashmation

If you sign up, you can win a machine in two launch competitions;

  • Submit your idea for an animation, and the best animation idea wins a machine and their animation idea made solid,
  • vote on your favourite animation idea to enter the draw for a machine.

Just one launch email (with campaign start date and how to enter competitions), and we won’t share your email with third parties.