3D printing in Dentistry

Here are some amazing successful prints :slight_smile:
If you want me to print anything for you contact me, it doesn’t have to be dental.

Oh, btw … Anyone knows of FDA approved resin I can use to make temporary crowns ?


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Here is a surgical guide I just printed. Impressive accuracy

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I’m curious: what system are you using for your 3D scanning?

M700 3shape scanner

Are you post curing the finished piece? I’ve noticed a bit of warping…wondering if post curing while on your model would stop it from warping.

Cool photo, but is that a sterile surface? :wink:

Hey Kevin… I left it for a day to cure naturally but I just bought a 405nm wavelength curing box… I will test it out and let your know if that warps it … natural curing did not warp it.

Thomas, these pictures I took in our studio… the water drops just adds a nice touch… thanks tho
Any of you guys print these guides or are in the field ?

Just teasing… cool photos and I like your ambition.

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Here are some sectioned pictures to see the fit!

This is stunning. Are you using 3shape do design the guides?

What software do you use for creating surgical guides before printing?

Implant Studio 3Shape