Dental office application of Formlabs' 3D printer

Can any current user provide some information about how to integrate Formlabs’ 3D printer into dental office usage? How to print out surgical stent and how to print night guard? What kind of input file needed and how to gather those information? Can Formlab printer be used with CEREC scanned image? Thank you in advance

You have to design the scanned image into a surgical guide or night guard using some type of CAD program. We do not make surgical guides or night guards but we use 3Shape for designing crowns, bridges, veneers, etc. It seems that 3Shape does have the ability to design splints and night guards too. You can view all that information here. I would highly recommend contacting a reseller/3Shape about specifics because we ran into an issue of not having the right extension for 3D printing models and dies. For our dental lab’s case, our workflow is broken down like this: Scan < Design both crown(s) and model in 3Shape < Export files as .stl files < Import into Preform < Print. I hope that helps some! :smiley: