3D lens using Form2 and clear resin

So I saw the 3d printed lens project on the formlab page and figured I would give it a try.It worked very well.

I used clear resin at 50 micron resolution with my Form2 printer.
I chucked the lens in a drill and wet sanded with 220,400,600,1000,1500 and 2000 grit paper
I then removed the lens holder backing,put the lens in the second holder and sanded the flat side of the lens using the same sandpaper.
I polished the lens using a NOVUS polishing system
The finished lens was actually pretty good.With more careful sanding I could have made it better



This looks great! I suppose using a drill is a bit easier than setting up that polishing jig used in the blog post :slight_smile:

Great job. I enjoy seeing these projects and the continued success of Luxexcell in terms of replacing the wasteful process currently used. There might be a hint of spite being that I am a former Wal-Mart Optical lab employee lol. I felt bad for them as I left because they refused to explore non-traditional technology before they dropped $21 million on new “old” tech. This truly is an exciting time.