200 micron Smart Mode.?

Could you program a 200 micron smart mode where 200 micron is used except for where printing near finished surface where it would change to 25, 50 or 100 Micron?

This would give the best of both worlds but a refined finished surface and faster print speed. It would still be slower than 100% 200 micron print.

Do you mean that the base and starting structure is printed with 200 micron, and then it switches to a finer resolution for the rest of the print?

This type of solution sounds really nice, saving time in the initial printing of the base, which typically can take anywhere from 10-25% of the total print time.

I mean anything that is not a finished surface would be 200nm. Supports, internal structures, any portion of the print that will not be seen.

So print all support structures at 200nm. When you reach the object print at 50nm, when you get 1 mm inside the object switch to 200nm. When printer comes within 1mm of other side switch back to 50nm.