Yet another GoPro mount!

So for my last holiday gopro would have liked to charge me 40€ for a new mount. I thought otherwise :airplane:

It’s pretty durable even printed in black resin. Hasn’t cracked yet, although I’m not doing any crazy sports with it…

Pretty curious about a printing issue that can be seen on photo 3, right above the logo. This line can be seen on every mount print. They are all printed flat, with supports. Any ideas?

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Wow looks great! We did our own GoPro mount here at the office as well:

I’m having a hard time seeing the printing issue you mentioned…can you annotate the photo?


Yeah, pretty cool thing! Probably more durable :stuck_out_tongue:

I marked the line that shows up on every mount. I was thinking that there might be some anomaly on the z-axis on that specific layer #xx (although it never stands out on other prints). It seems to me as if a few layers are not exactly placed on top of each other.

Hmmm very interesting. Trying a different orientation for the mount could help negate this effect since it seems to only happen on this specific model.

I would try adjusting that…then maybe submitting a ticket if it’s effecting your builds.


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