Yellow Magic is now sold on Amazon

For those using or seeking to use a water based system and/or had the opportunity to try Yellow Magic from Bradley Systems can now purchase it through Amazon in 1 gallon quantities.

For more information you can view previous post here:


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Have you tried it on clear? does it leave a yellow tint? A am going to ask Christopher if it is safe to use on FDA approved materials.

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Yes all I use is the clear resin. It doesn’t soak into the plastic and will not stain. I also use it to wash out the resin tanks, works really well on the pdms and doesn’t seep below the pdms and acrylic. Will not craze or degrade the acrylic tank walls.

I also use it to clean the pick up rollers on my laser printers.

Is Yellow Magic available in Europe?

Does it show shipping to Eu via Amazon?
If not contact Chris at Bradley Systems, they may have a Eu reseller.

Will definitely be trying this out when my supply of 91% runs low.
Is this stuff used at full strength? It’s certainly not cheap, but if it’s as easy to keep clean as has been mentioned I guess even at full strength, should be able to get a lot of use out of it.

I should be getting my gallon in this Tues. It should last much much longer than IPA because it is reclaimable. The resin doesn’t dissolve in YM and will coagulate at the bottom. You should have no problem curing it out in the sun or in a cabinet and filtering the solids out.

Last time i’ve asked them, they did not have a EU distributor and said shipping isn’t feasible for quantities smaller than a barrel or something like that.

That was months ago, though, maybe something changed.

What does Amazon offer for international shipping? I know it’s free within the USA.

Hello Ante,

I asked them two days before for shipping to Europe/Germany

Here is the answer:

We can supply Yellow Magic 7 to Europe, however, it is expensive to have it ship from the US. We have seen the cost to ship roughly four liters between $100-$200. If you are willing to pay that much, I will happily arrange to supply you the product shipped to your preferred address.

So I think it`s useful to make a bulk order to Europe/EU.

I hope this is posible, how many are interested in a bulk order?

I have used YM7 on clear, black and gray, it works.
Remember, this stuff is reusable, so it should last a while.filter it once in a while, especially when a silt like buildup occurs on the bottom of the cleaning tank.
I use an old tooth brush (cleaned) to lightly remove the uncured resin while the parts sit in YM7. Then, the parts are left to cure in a clear plastic container for “30 minutes in the sun”, the parts are then removed and left to air dry.
No absorption into clear plastic has been observed.

Can it be sourced from China, They have established delivery systems that are extremely low cost.

Hello Francis,

have you a link to China?


They service chinese supplier links to us in the UK usually at Zero postage cost.
Transatlantic shipping costs are ridiculous hence the price of Formab resin costs.

Hello Francis,

thank you for the link
but I don`t find “yellow magic 7” in this shop.


Curiously how do we dispose of the used YM7 product? with IPA i could generally let it evaporate

Cure out any resin in YM and filter through a 50 micron cloth then if YM is really dead you can simply pour it down the drain if your town allows it.

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