Would you buy it again?


Hmmm tough question, we are an engineering company and possibly have too high expectations. We bought a Form 2 and initially it was great. Perfect for prototyping and the occasional real part. However, after 12 months we started getting some failures and reliability issues. Culminating in a major internal resin leak. Formlabs support was pretty good and we organised a repair. However, since the repair it’s not been very reliable. The constant software/firmware updates are a pain and even with them we experience regular problems. The new resins seem unusable on the Form2 despite the software saying it’s happy we have nothing but rubbish coming from the printer. So not sure, the level of effort required to own the machine compared to other 3D printers we own is quite significant. When they work they are fantastic, when they don’t they absorb time, money and effort. We were thinking of a Form3 but I’m not convinced at the moment based on the reliability issues we have with the Form 2.


I’ve had really good success with the new resins from FL on my Form 2 (Rigid, Tough 2000, Tough 1500 in particular).

Since the problems started after the repair, have you checked for smudges on the glass or dust that might block the laser? I started having problems with my Form 2 a few months ago, and it turned out to be accumulated dust. Once I cleaned it (with a PEC pad – there are instructions for cleaning on the FL site) everything went back to normal.


Which are the other 3D printers you own?


I would give a resounding NO here.

I have purchased a Formlabs 3 for our company with Wash & Cure. It should take our production to a new level in terms of surfaces and accuracy. I have been working with Ultimaker3 FDM printers for 3 years. After the first delivered FL3 had such a bad print image. He was changed. I used up material for about 600 euros together with the Super Support from FL. And a lot of working hours.

The FL3 then delivered did not have a power cord with it. OK, i have much in my office. The first test prints looked good at first. When we then measured the tolerances, we found 0.4mm. This is a no go for me and my customers. Since our components must always have top quality on both sides, it is almost impossible to achieve this with the alignment on the construction plate. It takes three to four times the time to achieve the same results as with the FDM printer. I am in a lively exchange with FL Support. At first you kept saying that it was because of the orientation of the models. Then the support team printed the components themselves and they were all unusable. But they were so honest and sent me the results and I had them in my hand. The tolerances are just as bad. It is assumed that my replacement device is also defective, but I really don’t feel like it anymore. I’ve tested Basic Black, Tough2000, and Draft. Tough delivers the worst results between Black and Tough2000. We are a small company and unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to invest 5500 euros as a beta tester for Formlabs. I had the components printed on a cheap photon at a friendly company. The result was much better. How can that be ?

If the support team weren’t so good and helpful, I would have long since resigned from the purchase.

I can put two components in the forum. Maybe someone knows what to do. But if the FL Support fails either, then the second FL3 is probably broken too.