Winged Victory printed using the Hybrid Mix Resin

My printer was on a month-long rest, and I had some of the 60:40 mix resin left in the tank that I did not want to waste. It had separated into pigment on the bottom and clear resin on top.  I mixed it really well in the tank and printed the Winged Victory 3d scan that is available on Thingiverse. I only printed this 85mm high, so I imagine a large print will yield much better detail. Printed on the 50 micron grey setting.

Read more about it and download the model here

Looks great! In fact – is the hybrid resin mix printing better quality than the gray/clear or is it just showing up better in the pictures?

If it’s just showing up better, I suspect FL will have a red resin soon!


I can tell you from my experience that the blend does give me much better details and surface quality. Is it the best it can be? No. The best would be for form labs to release a resin that is gives us the best detail and surface quality. The color makes a little difference. It’s about stopping the light from penetrating too much into the layer and to the sides and in-effect softening the details.

I also notice that the b9 resin is lower viscosity and peels easier from the PDMS. It also sticks less to the build platform because of this, so it’s much easier to remove.

So I’m waiting for a resin from form1 that is castable, lower viscosity, higher light stopping power for high detail and thinner layers, smoother cure for good surface quality and something that sticks less to the PDMS.

So to answer your question… for me, yes the hybrid mix does print better quality. It’s not just the pictures. Although people using their camera phones to take pictures of their prints is not helping. I use good light, a good camera, a good lens, and focus stacking. That’s why you can see all the dust on it and the imperfections.