Why did my casting fail

Hi! Hello everyone!
I am a beginner. I use the form2 3D printer. The material is Castable V2 (FLCABL02), the print layer thickness is the highest resolution 0.025mm. (model printing is perfect)
After printing with 90% alcohol cleaning, and the use of household UV light irradiation for 8 hours. The overall impression of the model surface is not very dry. Is this normal?
In the picture, I asked the foundry to cast the product, 925 silver casting, strictly according to the official website of the combustion curve heating. Gypsum mold powder is serious, casting surface looks very rough.
I want to know where the problem is.<img

Hi, I think it was because they use a poor cuality investing material and overheted the metal when they cast it., by the way nice pieces

Thank you very much for your reply. I will find the root of the problem in many ways. And to be improved

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