Who's your daddy?

Hi Form Club,

Here is my latest print. The printer did a great job at medium resolution - my paint job is a work in progress.
( I need to get myself an airbrush and matte down the wet look. - I can model…not paint LOL ).

I hope this is a good example of a complex, organic form, that could only be printed on a Form 1 or
expensive professional machine. This piece would have failed without the amazing support structures generated by Preform.

I hope you like the little critter. This is my version on the classic alien / human hybrid embryo.
Once repainted - I’ll place it in a specimen jar and upload the final pictures.

Regards, Jet

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Ha Ha Ha that´s really nice.

I printed an alien head from thingiverse that turned out nice but your model is absolutely awesome!!! Great paintjob too! And btw I want one!

I love you work Jet. To me you are a great artish.

Thank you Aron. You are very kind. 8 )