Which resin to use as a mold for PDMS microfluidic channel

We would like to create microfluidic channels of PDMS using 3D printed molds. Which resin is best suited for this? Ideally the 3D print should not hinder polimerization of PDMS and it should be easy to remove the polymerized PDMS off the mold.

Depending on how small the channels need to be you might not be able to do that with a 3D printer.

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In the past, we’ve used general purpose resins in the past to cast PDMS parts. Link here.

Zach makes a good point. Channel size is pretty critical for whether it’s possible to print the mold.


Did you use any coating on the 3D printed master to help removal of PDMS?

I sprayed the 3D printed mold with a silicone mold release to help with removal. Otherwise the PDMS stuck to the mold quite well.

Can you please let me know of the company and catalog number for the silicone mold release? Thank you.

Honestly it was years ago and I don’t remember what mold release was used. It was something like this, but I am not sure if it is the exact same that I used.

Thank you.

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