Which resin is most durable

I want to print a series of rings using the actual resin as the end material. Does anyone know which resin (and printer) would be best for this. The rings have thin spikes on one side. So the must be durable when they are worn a lot. The colours are white, grey and see through.

The strongest resin FL sells is “Tough”, so named for what should be pretty obvious reasons… it’s blue translucent so if you want other colors you’ll have to paint. There are 3rd party resins with similar “tough” characteristics. I’ve used MadeSolid’s Vorex resin. It comes in white, black, grey, orange and clear I think…

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You already worked some pieces or found out which resins where durable? I thought the Tough would work great but the colour and price are some downers.

I’m also curious on how strong the normal resin is and if it’s strong enough for finished pieces.

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Of the standard resins, I’ve found the black and white to be much less brittle (and less hard,) than the clear. I haven’t used gray. I haven’t used any of the newer formulations either.


I agree. black and particularly the V2 white are quite resiliant. The V2 white is suprisingly lubricious, and wonderfully opaque. It’s my goto for “functional and pretty”. Black is also good. Grey is much more like the clear. It’s a very traditional SLA material. Still brittle, still translucent, still abrasive, when moved against another part made from the same material. Black and specifically white do not exhibit those characteristics nearly as much, if at all.

I should add that the current (not the just announced new tough), has some weird behaviors. I’ve seen deformation while printing (as if there is a shrink-rate when the resin changes phases, and also deformation during post curing,… Tough V2 does not like ANY heat. The 45C postcure recommendation is a top limit for any environment the parts may be used in.

The best results I’ve got are with mix of Formlabs Clear/Tough cured on Black settings.

Mix of 50/50 is good, but also you can make a 80/20 Tough/Clear for parts that have more load.

See here A bit of resin alchemy

@ChristopherBarr was the guy who test this mix for the first time

read the whole discussion and you will find answers