Where to purchase TPM


Since IPA is impossible to get right now. Does anyone in the US know where to purchase TPM?

Thanks for your help


can you define “TPM”,


Tripropylene Glycol (Mono) Methyl Ether (TPM solvent)


It’s an alternate to IPA. https://support.formlabs.com/s/article/Washing-prints-with-TPM?language=en_US

I’m finding that DPM can also be used. Since IPA is not possible yet I’m looking for places to purchase TPM or DPM.


Does anyone know any company from EU that will deliver TPM or DPM by post? Those UK based don’t deliver outside UK or Ireland. TPM in Croatia is about 800 EUR for 18L package. I’m not paying that.


We purchase TPM from Jrhessco.com


Thank you @karambu. I just sent an email to them for costs.


Does anyone in Canada have experience buying TPM? I emailed Jrhessco with no response although I will try again.


I just purchased some Yellow Magic. That can also be used. I got it off Amazon. Maybe you can see if Amazon.ca.


I have no experience ordering it in Canada, but uline.ca has a quote request form – you can ask them to purchase some and ship to you, even chemicals they do not regularly stock.


VWR international delivers it to us by post in 20 liter cans