When you can't afford a Form Cure

Posting this so you can all have a laugh. Didn’t think this large part would get even enough exposure in my UV Sterilizer so I hacked together the world’s sketchiest cure oven.




The cereal bag is a diffuser. Rotation is manual :slight_smile:


You mean when you can’t afford even a nail cure box! LOL

Sometimes I feel like I wandered into a Ferrari car dealership by accident…

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Don’t modern window panes absorb UV? Your curing results may just be from heat and ambient air motion. You should blind test it with a second print put close by but shielded from the sun. The real test, I guess, would be to try it with a clear print and see if it yellows.

Nice. You cannot get more low-budget than this! But note, the reflected light from the foil will only be a fraction of the light impinging directly on the print. You really want it on a turntable. An old Close n’ Play record player would be perfect. :slight_smile:

Hah! An old record player… I love it!

@Volguus What? Control groups and scientific method?! This is a shameless hack! Good point about UV filters in the glass… seemed to work nonetheless; better than I get if I just let it sit in the dark.

only $7 to buy a solar turntable on amazon