What will resin do to a basement drainage pump?

I am about to get a Form2, and the area I was intending to set it up in, is a sort of mini kitchen/work area in the basement. All the pluming in the basement gets sent out via a pump/macerator. If I rinsed off parts or dump the cleaning containers In the sink or toilet… what will the resin do over time to the pump? Any chance it will be ok?

Formlabs has a bit of guidance about caring for resin and for isopropyl alcohol. You’ll need to check with your local municipality for their guidance. More than likely, it will be best to find a different solution from dumping into the sink or toilet.

I put my cleaning buckets in the sun every once in awhile. Any resin in suspension in the IPA solidifies and settles out as a “dust” on the bottom of the tank. Then I filter the IPA through some gauze and it’s mostly crystal clear again. No need to dump it out, and the gauze with the filtered solidified resin particulate goes into the trash.

You can also try a water based cleaning system.

I no longer use IPA here.
Post curing is done while the part is submersed in Yellow Magic or just plain old water. I use a 405nm laser pointer to post cure the parts and just takes a minute or so to go over the surface.

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