What ist the best alternative resin for Form 1+?

I want to start reusing my Form 1+ and wonder what the best resin for normal printing could be?

Other resins?


Don’t know much about the Form1+ but the best 3rd party resin I have found for my form 2 is Digital Forge grey. You could contact Brian at Digital Forge and see if he has any customers using it on the form1+.

Most Form 1+ users around here (including me) will tell you they use Apply Lab Works with great results.

Do a search here for Apply Lab Works and you’ll find dozens of posts on the subject.

I tried Apply Lab Works black and found it to be translucent, instead of opaque, which was a problem for me, maybe not for you. You can see the results here:

Thanks for your help. Will take a look at the Apply Lab Works resins.
Are the XYZPrinting resins any good from your perspective?