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What is the best material to here?


I have designed a part that has some space limitations (see attached STL) The two outer screw hole walls on either side of the number 4 are bowing out when the M1.6x35 x 4mm screws are tighten. I’m currently using Greg Pro and I’m wonder if I should switch to another material. I’ve tried the standard material and it breaks when tightening the screws. Any help is appreciated.

FDa-4.9.STL (46.4 KB)


do you have enough clearance to use a washer? that may work to solve the plastic spreading


It seems to me that it is best to buy regular screws in a store, they are completely inexpensive.


Looks like you have room for a washer. Or you could maybe switch to a bhcs, this might have a larger head diameter. You would have to measure that. But I really think a different material would be a better option.


@George_Earussi & @csauve I’ll have to look for a possible washer solution again. The M1.6 screws make it hard to find options that will work.