Welcome to the Experimental Category - Introduction and Guidelines

This category is a home for all of those experimental projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible with Formlabs’ printers.

You’ll notice that we migrated threads from other categories to give a sense for the sort of content that fits in here.

In general, this category will collect all of the projects and chemistry that expand the capabilities of our printers. We want to encourage things like resin alchemy and share novel and exploratory applications like injection molding methods with High Temp. This will also serve as the home for most things Form X (announcement post here) and we’ll get started with a thread on the new Ceramic Resin.

We’re going to keep more mechanically hacky things in the General Discussion category. Physical modifications to the printer might be a bit more challenging to follow along with and we want to showcase the experimental applications that work with the machine out of the box.

We’re excited to continue to shape this category and look forward to more thoroughly supporting and encouraging experimental applications for our machines.


This is FANTASTIC! Thank you Formlabs for this. It is great that OpenFL will continue to develop and is being expanded.

I can’t wait to see what we all come up with.

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looks like a copy of the Tethon ceramic resin?

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