Announcing the Open Material License beta

Last November, we announced the Open Material License (OML) for Form 3/L generation printers. I’m excited to share that we’re launching an exclusive beta program for OML and are looking for interested users.

As a reminder - you can use the Open Material License with the Print Settings Editor to experiment with any third-party 405nm resin. If you are developing a custom resin or are targeting specific performance, this combination is for you.

If you’d like to join the OML beta program, please reply here (or DM me) with your usecase and the third-party resin you’d like to use.

We only have 5 spots on the beta so we’ll go with whoever reaches out first!

Bumping this up one more time! Really exciting opportunity and we opened up a few more spots to include more people. Please reach out to @hasank or me via DM or reply here!

For those of us who have been with Formlabs since the beginning, the idea that we have to pay thousands of dollars for the “privilege” of using third-party resins (especially castable resins) is not customer friendly. Huge Formlabs fangirl here, but most likely won’t take a leap of faith for the Form 4 because of the license fee. $6,000-9,000?? Really disappointed.


@katkramer thanks for the feedback. Still contemplating final pricing, so this is valuable input.

Totally agree greedy slap in the face… especially with being able to do it with form 1/2 back in the day i believe.selling my 3+

@dogichow As a Form 2 and Form 3L owner I’m also disappointed by this open material license; drives users away from an already expensive ecosystem

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