Wearable Metronome project

Recently I had my first two-week vacation in almost a decade and I decided to put all my tools to use and make an idea real - a wearable metronome based around a MicroView device (a tiny Arduino with OLED display). This included designing a circuit board in Eagle, milling it on my Othermill, designing a case and accessories in Blender, and then printing all the pieces on my Form 1+.

Happy to say I got it all done, including lots of iteration and test prints. I was finally able to figure out what I needed to do to get totally reliable prints from my Form 1+ (better straining of the resin between prints, keeping the room at 75-degrees or more, adjusting z-height offset in Preform, etc). So happy with this printer and the things I can get out of it.

Here are some pics and a link to videos of it running. Note that I did only slight post-print finishing as I was focused on getting the entire piece done and working. I’m still iterating over circuit design and will be making a much smaller version soon, which will need a new case. I’ll eventually get the case design to a point that I’ll properly finish the prints and paint them.

I’m excited for the flexible resin so I can print the wristbands instead of using other materials.

Videos: https://vimeo.com/108754005 & https://vimeo.com/109344272