Vs. the B9Creator

Good day Hiren,

(note these are just my opinions gathered in the past few months I have no first hand xp with the B9)

You have to consider proven performances VS promises. At the time of this writing (July 2013):

From the B9 site I can see that they have burnable resin and a nice accuracy for jewelry, the delivery time is also known.

For the Form 1:

So if you need this printer asap for your business, I don’t think there is much thinking to do… (I have no idea for other manufacturers)


My Two cents

I compared the two machines and ultimately decided to go for the form1.

The question for me was more of user experience.

I can see the b9 as having much more flexibility in configuration, but the prospect

of fiddling with the machine configuration is not something I personally want to do.

Form1 seems more of a “turn-key” machine.

The issues formlabs are having are hopefully being addressed (model accuracy being a critical one).

delivery being the other one.

Overall I am optimistic the form1 will get these resolved.
Also I have to give formlabs credit for not trying to sweep issues under the rug

(as aparently other outfits making laser cutters and FDM printers have been known to do).

This allows people to make a informed decision on wether to order.

I currently do FDM printing and look forward to being able to

print with the form1 and lost wax cast the prints.

Perry Engel

(aka cerberus333 on thingiverse


@ John Morewood( or anyone at Formlabs with the answers )

Could you elaborate on the process of replacing the PDMS within the Form1?

It would be extremely helpful to me to know if this is a process that I can do myself, or am I doomed to purchase a $70 vat every 2-3 bottles of resin. :frowning:

And just to clarify, my main concern is how precisely does the new layer of PDMS half to be to the original. What are the tolerances in the Z axis for the new layer?

How did you measure the replacement PDMS, by mass? Or by volume?

Is there a recalibration procedure for the build table in the Z axis?

Thanks for your time!

*cough cough* voted best in jewllery show!  http://www.jckonline.com/2013/07/09/best-products-found-equipment-technology-supplies-pavilion-jck-las-vegas-2013

Nice!  Good for them.  It’s still just too small of working area to be of much use to me, but I can see how it’d do well for jewelry.

Isn’t it ironic that they messed up the b9creator’s creator’s name?

It’s my understanding that the “creator’s name” was deliberately miss quoted - the “creator” does not want to get bogged down with business (which I totally understand) - so Gary Dawson is handling all aspects of sales and distribution …

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John (jay) H. Morewood
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I recently printed some tiny chair models from Pretty Small Things on the Form 1 to compare to Shapeways’ FUD (see that thread in another forum post). Mike at B9 saw my post and offered to print them as well for comparison.

First impressions: B9 has amazing quality with their newest resin. The items printed near-perfect (only two small layer shifts on one of the chairs). The B9 chairs are ever so slightly “thicker” than the Form 1 chair.

I’m anxious to see the Formlabs gray resin to see if it helps the sharpness and overall quality. I’ve attached a couple of the pics here, until I write up something proper for my blog. The Form 1 print here is sprayed with Krylon matte white plastic primer.

Aloha Gregg,

May I ask what resolution the Form1 print was made and the B9Creator…not digging the print quality, of the Form1 print. Thanks…

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PS…Greg…Are you running the machine on a wobbly table or work bench, or maybe just keep opening the machine or bumping the table, while checking out progress. The print quality represented, is really bugging me.

I think the advantage here is the resin. The b9c resin is much more liquid and the form 1 clear resin is just too viscous. That’s why we get bumps and smeared details, and on the b9, the only bumps you would get is the layer stepping (and they got rid of most of that too with the new version)

For example if you print a small square frame vertically on the form 1, the top and bottom pieces come out wavy (like it’s melting) When you tilt the frame down towards more of a horizontal print, they are no longer wavy, however the bottom of the piece, the one with supports on, is no longer smooth.

I hope form labs will release these other resins they are working on soon, so we can see some better quality prints.

Monger Designs, Thanks for that. I am aware of the resin viscosity issue. B9C just released the new cherry red (just up days ago, on their site). I am looking forward to trying it in the Form1, if and when, it ever gets here. I may have another DLP printer (way higher resolution), that I rep, before I get my Form1. I am in the jewelry industry, need the resolution and the lost-wax burnout capability.

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Christian Grunewald

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Depends, can the B9 actually fulfill orders, unlike the Form 1?

^ mine got delivered after a month of placing my ordering, two months ahead of delivery date

Can anyone who has both machines post some photo’s already? maybe some castingt too??!! :slight_smile:


don’t know who’d own both machines and cast on them too … but here are images of some prints of the b9 :wink:

At this point the quality of the b9 is much better, especially for jewelry. If you are gonna print kid toys and dolls and statuettes then the Form1 is better than the b9, because of the less stepping artifacts and the larger printing volume.

I’m holding on to my Form1 for now and giving the form labs folks some time to get things in order and improve the quality and to release a castable resin. If the quality does not improve soon, I may need to sell it and get a b9.

I’m assembling my Titan1 from Kudo3D. From research not actualy use and what others users are posting on there website. For DLP SLA prints, it’s better in my opinion than the B9. However it does take more setup than formlabs (A lot). More experimenting to get cure rates and pigmentation correct. For a quick desktop solution I still like the form +1. However I couldn’t own both so I wish to wait and see what formlabs produces next. If your curious and don’t mind extra setup time. Look at Titan1 and compare to B9. I can say as I’m building the Titan1 right now that the parts are top notch. Really well made.