Using form printer for post print curing

I don’t know if this is feasible, but what about a clear tray to set parts on and a profile where you could set a curing time for parts that have been printed and washed and are dry.

Center parts on the tray, close the cover, pick 5, 10 etc. minute laser cure and small, medium or full platform cure area. The tray could have a small and medium square etched to help choose the right cure size.

Is this even feasible? No offense taken if the answer is no.

Using the printer laser would only cure edges that face downward, so even rotating it again and again would give inconsistent results. I actually designed a hood to be 3D printed and the intent was to buy 4 UV LEDs on The hood would be set over the parts and the light would shine on it from all directions because the 4 LEDs would be in the corners facing the center. I never built it but anyone that wants to can have my file and continue the project for free. Possibly even adding a brightness control and timer to the setup. Here you go, enjoy.
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Legal note: Project and file is As-is, no promises or warranties. Be safe.

PS - If anyone build one I would love to see the results :smiley: