Using a UV nail dryer as a cheap UV curing cabinet

I was looking on ebay for a UV lamp to make a UV curing cabinet, when I found these cheap nail curing lamps. Figured it was worth a punt so I bought one.

Had it for a few weeks and it works great, I tried it on some liquid resin and it solidifies so definitely outputs the right wavelengths, has a built in timer (fixed to 2 mins but you can keep restarting it) and a removable base which makes it easy to slide parts in and out.

The only downside is it’s not that tall, but so far I’ve not had any parts that were too big for it.

I also use one of these for jewelry parts. I did not even pay for one because I found it on the sidewalk as a give away including some fingernails and paint :wink:

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I use a UV sterilisation cabinet to the same effect.

UV sterilisation cabinets probably work better, but where I am those UV nail dryers are about 4x cheaper :wink:

Sweet. Thanks for the idea! It could have not been more timely as I recently posted my gray items were flexible. I actually searched eBay for a UV oven. They were all not in my budget. Yes most of my items will fit in this as well.