Used Form 2 as first SLA printer for business?

Hello everyone,

I joined this forum just to get right answer about my possible investment.

As a product design student, with 3 years of 3D modeling and FDM 3DP service experience for functional and concept prototyping, I wanted to expand my offer with SLA machine.
My point is to get reliable, hassle-free machine, that doesn’t need to be cheapest itself, but still that i can have the least possible hosting expenses (resins, cosumables, spare parts, accesories and such)

I am following current SLA market for more than a year, so i know pros/cons of both LCD and Laser SLA technologies.

What i am mostly concerned about is :

  1. SLA startpoint : Form 2 or Budget LCD (e.g. Anycubic photon) first to dip my fingers into?
  2. Market availability, price and quality of engineering 3th party resins for Form2?
  3. How often and what are monthly expenses of Form2 replacement parts (VAT etc.) and other consumables for ocasional (1 print per week) service?
  4. Future Form2 updates and workflow?
  5. Form 2 Universal resin cartrige mod?
  6. Glass FEP VAT mod?

Thanks in advance !