Upgrade Program Update

When we first announced the Form 1+, we also introduced our Form 1 to Form 1+ upgrade program for those of you interested in refreshing your machine (and getting a brand-new one-year warranty). It’s been extremely popular and hundreds of you have opted to upgrade.

Today, we’re announcing a revision to the upgrade pricing structure — Form 1 to Form 1+ upgrades will cost $1200. The new price more accurately reflects the costs of carrying out the upgrade and allows us to continue offering the program. We continue to believe in the importance of making the upgrade path available while we focus on processing existing orders.

What this means:

  • Only new orders will be affected. If you’ve already ordered an upgrade, not to worry. You’re all set and you don’t need to pay any more.
  • All Form 1s (regardless of warranty status) are still eligible for the upgrade.

For full details on the program, please see here. Have any questions? Send us a message to support@formlabs.com!