Uniz Slash 3D SLA Printer (Similar to Formlabs form 2)

This is a used Uniz Slash Resin 3D printer. This is one of the best SLA printers out there, especially the speed (1000cc/hr) and quality (up to 10 microns layer thickness) The cool thing is that you can adjust the layer thickness for the sections of the print you want. The printer is in great shape and has only been used a few times. I got this off Kickstarter, and it is amazing. It is also similar to the Formlabs Form 2, execpt the Uniz has a larger print bed, higher resolution and faster print speed. I just haven’t used it much. It comes with:- 70% full resin bottle (green)- Extra build plate $70- Extra resin tank $59- original box- Extra resin bottle- Uniz Bottle for alcoholBuild Volume7.6 × 4.80 × 7.87 inchesX-Y Resolution75micronsZ Resolution10-300micronsPrinting Speed1000cc/hr

I can send you pictures if interested and also pics for some of the things I’ve printed.
Asking Price: $1650 shipped

PM or send mails to mechguard30@protonmail.com.

Thanks for viewing

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