Trouble Shooting – Part cured resin (jello) after every print

@Alex_Vermeer one last clutch at straws diagnosing your bubbling issue - how much resin do you put in the vat for printing? You should fill it to the max to avoid bubbling - so that as much as possible - the part printing surface does not lift above the surface of the resin into the air during peel.

@KevinHolmes, I fill it up to the fill line. The part definitely does not lift above the surface during the peeling process. Thanks for the advice though.

@Alex_Vermeer - well looks like there’s definitely something else at work - I presume you’ve opened a ticket? keep us appraised of progress?

Yes @KevinHolmes, I have opened a ticket and keep you all informed on the progress or possible solution!

@Alex_Vermeer The file for the double helix is not mine. it is from this post

My apologies. @RocusHalbasch. I’d like to ask you the same question then :smile:

I believe you still have the model of the cilinder with the double helix. Do you mind send me that model to see what happens there? It seems that the laser really only has an effect on very tall prints (obviously). I’d like to see what happens on that cilindrical model that’s only a few cm’s tall.


@KevinHolmes & @RocusHalbasch I kind of think we should start a thread just for posting files people use to test the corner cases on the printers and not photos of the prints them selves. I would do it but this is not my handy work.

That’s a great idea @EvanFoss, except I think that any new thread are automatically closed after 15 days. Perhaps @Sam_Jacoby could override that for something like this.

If not, I would be happy to set something up on YouMagine that we could all link or point people to to??

Remember when things are posted to label what they are a test of. I imagine as the thread grows it will include stuff to test other issues.

I agree @EvanFoss and @Steve_Johnstone,

This is something I mentioned already in the ideas topic @Sam_Jacoby posted: Forum Ideas?

Hopefully it’s something we can achieve!

@Alex_Vermeer you can download it from this.

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As for a thread for just these that would be great but I don’t think we could keep it clean.

Probably not. Ideally it would be more of a table-of-contents with one post per test and a link to an in-depth thread.

could always stick them on the wiki - I just kinda let it slide while I was waiting for my F1+

in any case here’s the original tall crosses file - and yes @ChristopherBarr as @EvanFoss suggests, they were created specifically to highlight issues from flare - namely flaking and solid surface corrugations. tall_thin_calibration_30mm_cross.STL (770.2 KB)

Here’s a slightly different one - thin_calibration_30mm_cross.STL (838.2 KB) only 60mm tall, height is important in showing up issues with flaking - but it probably doesn’t need to be 80mm tall like the original. Also I made it a bit wider because that should actually make issues more obvious. Haven’t tried this one though.

To use them - just put x rotation to 180 before generating supports.

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Maybe a picturebook webpage? You could look through one of everything and decide which most looks like your failed print. Then click it for an explanation and a test print.

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I started a separate thread for that under feature requests. But it isn’t necessarily a request to FormLabs.

@KevinHolmes you should put them up on sketchfab. The foums integrate with it really easily. The post I did above, all I had to do was just paste the sketchfab url. The forums just expand that out.

This is just an idea I am throwing out, but I wonder what amazing prints might be possible with the optical conditioning that has been discussed. Maybe someone is willing to say forget my warranty and make their printer something amazing. I think all it would take is a re-designed laser/galvo mounting block that moves the laser back to make room for a choke and focusing lens. And a collimating lens too if you think it is worth it.
I think prints would be more detailed, come out of the printer with a much more solid surface, and need far less post-cure.


@RocusHalbasch I like sketchfab but it is really annoying that you have to login to download the files there.

That is annoying. I didn’t know that. I just chose it because of the integration with the forums.