Tough V5 Printing time?

I picked up some Tough V5 resin for my Form3 and am setting up my first print with it. Up until now I’ve used Gray and Clear on a Form2 and Form3, and can generally estimate a print time pretty well. In setting up this print, at 0.05mm layer thickness, I expected it to take maybe 15 hours – but PreForm says 31! Does Tough V5 take that much longer to print?

I was reading another post here that said the Tough resin printed much faster than other resins – but this sure doesn’t seem to be the case (if PreForm’s estimate is correct – and it’s usually always estimating much less than it actually takes). Thoughts?

What’s the estimated print time is you select Gray or Clear on Form3?

You can’t compare the F2 and F3 print times. The F2 can paint the laser in X and Y. The F3 can only move the laser in Y. It has to move the LPU in the X direction. The F2 can move the laser in X a lot faster than the F3 can move the LPU in X.

But you get reduced peeling forces and less distortion of the model in exchange for the slower speed.

If I select Gray V4 @50microns, I get 12:45 – With Tough V5 @50, I get an estimate of 21:45. It reworks the supports, but I didn’t think those would make that kind of difference. Does the laser have to move slower for curing Tough V5 resin?

Overall, I’m in love with the Form3 – The lack of the sideways peel makes model layout less critical, and very reliable.

I would have to guess the answer is “yes”,