Tough v3 dimensional accuracy

I’ve noticed that tough v3 seems to have difficulty maintaining dimensional accuracy of hollow spaces (e.g., slots for nuts, holes for screws, etc). The material appears to “swell” into the space in a way the standard resin does not. In other respects it is fairly accurate.

For example, I have a model with a slot for an M2.5 hex nut. This slot printed in tough v3 is large enough to fit an M3 nut printed in grey standard resin. There also appears to be an influence from model orientation: on a model with slots in various angles, some are wider, thinner, etc, than others.

Since I use OpenScad I’m able to selectively size these spaces depending on the intended material. I am curious if Formlabs is aware of the issue. It certainly would be nice if Preform were able to make these adjustments.

We do a fair bit of validation with new materials especially checking for things like dimensional accuracy. It would be a big help if you could open a ticket with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot this and track things if there is in indeed an issue.

Ok, I opened a ticket with a link back to this forum topic. I included an OpenSCAD script that ought to reproduce the issue,

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