Tough Resin in an outdoor application

I am using the Tough resin (first version). I would like to know how this material will hold up in an outdoor environment.
We have an outdoor kiosk that had a broken handle. Sunny days, cold nights, snow and rain. And then there is the UV rays. Can the Tough hold up to all these conditions ??
Thank You

I expect cold, snow and rain shouldn’t pose much problem.

UV might make the part more brittle over time. If that’s a concern, you could spray on a UV-blocking coating. Also if direct sunlight makes the part too hot and it’s under static load it could droop.

By “first version”, do you mean v5? Or v1? v1 had comparatively terrible properties and I wouldn’t subject it to the environment you described.

If replacement isn’t onerous, consider printing a spare then after a few months/years if you notice a problem you can take steps to mitigate or simply buy a bit more time out of the backup part.

I made some exterior parts for my boat out of Tough Resin V1 and V5 both worked really well and have stood up to a harsh marine environment for 3 years without any issues. One part is a Track end mounted on the boom. It gets sun, wind, salt water and has to withstand the Boom Car hitting it with considerable force. No problem looks as good today as the day it was printed.

Thank You for all the feedback.

I’ll install the part over the weekend.

I’ll let you how well it holds up in the spring. :slight_smile:

PS: By first version, I mean this bottle of resin is two years old.