Best Weatherproof Resin?

Hey All,

New to the SLA game. I am creating a 3D printed feature that will eventually be installed on the side of a house in Seattle. I am curious if there is a type of resin that is more weatherproof than the other? Also with the high exposure levels of this model would UV treatment be recommended?

Eventually it will be painted and am curious if there is one type of Resin that will work better for this purpose than the standard clear, and gray. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You may want to either coat the model with a uv resistant coating or make a casting of it in urethane with a uv protective additive such as sun devil from Smooth-on. Task 2 series they have is pretty durable and is easier to tint than some the other resins. There are other suppliers as well like Anchor Seal company, Alumilite and BJB enterprises. Find one that is closest to you so they can service you best.
I have used Anchor Seal and Been using Reynolds who is a smooth-on distributor because they are local.

Our materials are pretty resistant to weathering as compared to other common thermoplastics. The rate of UV degradation is lower than something like extruded ABS. We’ve anecdotally had a few Standard and Tough Resin parts outside for over a year with few to no signs of weathering. @KenCitron’s recommendation of a UV resistant coating will further improve the longevity of your part.

I have had black Formlabs resin parts on my truck for over 2 years now. Between the ice, mud, snow, 90+ days in New England, they are holding up just fine. Occasionally they even get washed. No coatings, I just sanded off the nubs, machined the backs flat, lightly Novus polished them so the surface finish was the same for all 5 and onto the truck they went. They have even managed to not get smashed in the woods while I am off-roading, yet… The rims and valve stem I just destroyed not so much…