The best way to see a list of historicAl posts in the forum

I’m new to the forum (having picked up my first formlabs printer - a form 2 last week) and I find forums like here a fantastic way to broaden my knowledge.

I find that the interface gives a dozen or so topics under each category going back a few weeks but that’s it.

The search function is very specific - but I’d like to browse the topics going back to broaden my knowledge.

How do I get a list of all topics posted going back weeks, months, years that I can scroll through ? I’ve fiddled with parameters in search but it really doesn’t like it unless you search for something specific … Which is the exact opposite of what I want to do.

Without this I shall probably stop using the forums swiftly sadly, or find one that does have this facility. Is there a Facebook form users group for instance or one people would advise elsewhere ? For all the problems with Facebook groups it’s scrolling nature is fantastic for broadening knowledge . I found with my prusa i3 mk3 for instance rhe community forum there turned me into a skilled user over a period, especially as I read about things “I didn’t know I would need to know about”.

Any suggestions ?