Successful castings from clear resin using ceramic shell


I hear the stories about cracking ceramic shell- have any of you guys tried making the print hollow with a very thin wall?
I am wondering if this would allow the resin to swell internally without applying pressure to the ceramic shell?


That would be very cool Art , Id like to see what your doing with the plasticast , I haven’t struggled this hard for a long time, thank you, Ill let you know how things go


Interesting thought…on the hollow shell.


Look up Tetrashell
It’s been done for years.


since long before that…
hollow wax patterns have been used since ceramic shell first was developed… allows for faster burnout because you don’t have to worry as much about the expansion of the wax pattern prior to it reaching melting point.


Has anyone succeeded with ceramic shell and the purple castable wax? Im interested in a cast that is larger then a jewelry foundry I use locally can do and would rather use my form then PLA as I have in the past. I would be using a foundry whose had success with PLA using bronze casting for larger pieces.