***SOLD*** Form 3 FS Atlanta area

1 year 1 month old, kept in original box. Only 2 liters run through it and works perfectly.

$2800.00 prefer cash and pickup.

Do you have any pictures and are you willing to ship out of state?


I’d rather avoid shipping it. I suppose if you were willing to pay for the shipping and insurance. It’s not going to be cheap as I’m sure FL gets a corporate rate on shipping. If you are serious, I can unpack and take pictures. It is in perfect condition and has only had 2 liters run through it.

I mainly do miniatures and the consumables are too expensive to be competitive with other printers for sales. The printer is amazing. I wish the resin prices were reasonable.

I am serious about purchasing the machine but before you take it out of its box can you send me the size and weight so I can see how much it would be to ship.

Please email me the information victor@mooboys.com


The main box is 20x22x27. I’ll have to see if I can get an accurate reading on a bathroom scale, but I bet the weight is on the specs. There would also be a smaller box for the cleaning kit, which is approximately 9x16x9

edit: I would get a quote for insurance on the full value. Carriers have been getting worse with packages.

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