Smoothing SLS PA12 parts

We have a Fuse 1+ but we still order quite a lot of SLS prints from external suppliers. Normally this is for larger prints or vapor smoothed parts. Sometimes we need the vapor smoothing to make certain test parts waterproof. Obviously we would like to do that in-house but normal vapor smoothing machines cost more than the fuse printer itself.

My question is has anyone tried using the Polymaker Polysher with PA12 SLS parts? This product is made to use IPA to smooth a proprietary PLA (FDM/FFF printer) from polymaker. Because it uses IPA it technically should work on PA12. Anyone try this? I don’t know if it would be effective without heating the IPA vapor, but I hope I am wrong.

I’m sorry but pa12 doesn’t react to IPA. I’ve been working with pa12 (Hp) for 4 years and I can tell you that you only have two ways to smooth surfaces: vapor smooting or tumbler.

According to everything I have been reading the two most common solvents used in vapor smoothing PA12 and PA11 SLS prints are IPA and Ethyl Acetate.

I’m sorry but it’s not like that, pa12 doesn’t dissolve either in ipa or in eta, dyemension and AMT in fact use solvents such as FA5802

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Ok. Noted. Thanks for the reply!

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