Small Features Not Printed Correctly

I was trying to print a part with small features, the dimensions are around 100-200 microns. After the first try, I put the part under the microscope and saw that the features weren’t printed well. Also, the surface has these ridge patterns, although my main focus is to have these exact features. I’m wondering if the printer can actually print something this small. As I understand, these printers have an XY resolution of 25 microns, but I’m not sure if this directly translates to the smallest feature that is allowed.

When I was printing this, I oriented the part at around 10 degrees and used auto support generation with a 0.5 mm touchpoint size and 0.7 support density. I was thinking that the small features might have had some uncured resin left in there before I put them into Form Cure, but could orientation and support density also help to get a better result?

As far as I know, small holes tend to get “filled up” when they are printed at an angle.
I’d suggest to print the part flat to the buildplate so that the hole is oriented along the Z-axis.

Thanks! I did try doing to, but now the hole appears to be even smaller. I think I will print an extrusion instead and try to use it as a mold to create the hole using other materials.