Silicone 40a wash

The wash recommendations for Silicone 40A aren’t clear. Both IPA 99% and N-Butyl Acetate are mentioned to be used to make a “wash solvent blend”. Is there a recommendation for mixture? is it 50/50? Can IPA alone work?

Also mentioned is using water for the “post cure step”. Are there details on what the “post cure step” is?

Would be helpful to have this information in the store.

The ratio is mentioned in the washing section of the workflow guide:

Silicone 40A Resin must be washed in a mixture of 80% IPA and 20% n-Butyl Acetate. If using the Form Wash, add a 2 L bottle of n-Butyl Acetate to the wash bucket and then fill to the maximum fill line with IPA.

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Thanks! Where do I find the workflow guide?

actually, nvm.

Found it here:

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I wondered if anyone has advice for the Form Cure - I find if curing multiple silicone parts in water, if the parts are next to each other they stick together and leaves some uncured/less cured sections. I almost want some kind of stirrer for while they’re in the cure. Thoughts?