Serial Numbers


Hey FormLabs crew!  For an additional dollar amount can I pick the name of my printer when I order it?  I’m claiming SleepingDragon :)  I would pay an additional $20 for that.  Kick the idea around the office a bit, k?


I don’t think it’s entirely random. First letter probably is alphabetically incremented? Bunnie’s serial (he has a pre-prod unit) is ChiefCat. I have an Initial Formation unit and my serial is DarkPig.


DarkPig = Epic Super Villain




So so-far:

  • Defiant Caribou
  • Chief Cat
  • Dynamic Coyote
  • Dark Pig
    I love all of them but Dark Pig is my favorite
    Anyone know of any others?


Mine has grown on me over time, I wasn’t too crazy about it at first.

Rename Printer

@Marc: omg… you win. so hard.


Best… serial number… EVER…!


I would have paid extra as a Kickstarter reward to have Marc’s serial ‘number’.  That’s awesome.


Marc that’s awesome and its my favorite kind of pigeon too!


+1 oh my gosh, so funny. I don’t think any name combo I get could ever compare with that.


That said, I thought pigeons operate on the Fused Deposition Modelling principle.  ;)


Actually I’m pretty sure it’s UV cured :stuck_out_tongue:


My printer’s name “Coherent Quelea”


Did you manage the video Kevin for YouTube Kevin ??


I got the AlluringOwl.

I feel a need to print an owl now.  I don’t know why…


LMAO David! Thats a hoot!


CloudyChick checking in.


Heheh… I see what you did there, Vince.


I printed a nice little alluring owl to go with it.  Settings used were 0.025 clear and I set this to just 10% scale from the original  It is quite a tiny owl and all the details can be seen.