Selling my Form 1


As much as it pains me, I am selling my Form 1… Accuracy issues for my work and no lost wax casting resin, forces me to make a hard decision, to sell my unit. As I an a dealer for NEORP (, I am purchasing a unit to demo and have, so I may better serve my clients and service my modelmaking customers. As a result I have to move on. Up for sale, will be the Form 1, Included finishing kit,  5 resin trays,( 3 used, 2 new), 4/5 liter of clear resin, 4/5 liter or so of Grey, and a new build platform (new, in the box). I thought to offer it here, first. Otherwise, it goes to EBAY… Low hours (12 builds) and it was a early pre-order. Works well, but not well enough, for my needs. Open to offers over $4,000 + shipping. You don’t need to wait until June. Thank you in advance, for your interest.

Best regards,


Christian Grunewald