Selling Form 3B Bundle MINT CONDITION $3750

Hi all, i’m selling my used Form 3B with a few extra accessories included. This printer was used only by me for less than 3 months to help print nasal swabs for C19 testing, so I made enough to help the shortcoming. Everything that has been used has been thoroughly cleaned and all items are placed in their original packaging.
Bundles comes with:
Form wash, Form cure, 1x Resin tank, 1x L Model resin, Build platform, Finish kit, Power cable and Original packaging. I’ll also include 2 used but cleaned resin tanks and an unopened 500ml bottle of gray PeoPoly resin.

Shipping fees included, send me a message if you are interested or have any questions.

Can you list this item on eBay - there are many people cheating on the forum and trying to sell something they don’t have (I’m really sorry if this is not your case). Also on eBay the payments are secure - if here on this forum somebody agrees to pay for the printer in advance he takes a huge risk, where on eBay payments are secured and protected against fraud.
Thank you!

And on eBay the seller takes quite a hit on auction/sales commissions. I’d rather sell locally for cash.

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With all this new return policy craziness, I list mostly items I can cover out of pocket should a buyer file a SNAD and on the occasional listing that is high-priced I sit with my stomach in knots until enough time passes they can’t. I have worked hard doing everything ebay says to get my business moving and doing what they want me to do. Sales are slow and now dealing with these free returns out of pocket. I’m getting frustrated…no matter what you do the buyers get what they want either through ebay or paypal.

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