Santa Fe Symposium Resin Paper

There is a fascinating paper about SLA/DLP resins focusing on curing, surface finish, etc. You can find it at . It covers a lot of ground and makes some serious challenges to current practices. Things like high temperature limit on “made for casting” investments, heat vs UV cured printed parts, ash residue, etc.

The paper was done by an actual user and not a scholar or an industry representative as is often the case at the symposium. Therefore, it is not as polished as many papers, but still challenges much current thinking. I am not advocating anyone change their procedures - I am not at least not yet-, but the author’s work should be looked at seriously.

The Santa Fe Symposium is an annual meeting organized by Rio Grande, a large jewelry tool supplier. They offer the proceedings from every year on line. I have not looked at previous years papers mush, but I will.

Bill Box